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Newlands Corner News3Surrey County Council has announced controversial proposals for Newlands Corner, to include the introduction of car parking charges and major changes to the visitor facilities.  This page summarises the plans and the debate.  The latest information is at the top.


SCC approves charges at 15 countryside car parks

On 30 January, the SCC Cabinet approved the introduction of parking charges at the five "Pay and Conserve" sites - Chobham, Ockham, Rodborough, Whitmoor, Norbury park. This was despite 75% of those responding to the consultation saying that they did not want parking charges. Payment will be by phone only at some sites, and by card and phone at others.

Meanwhile, it is rumoured that the much-delayed Newlands Corner parking charges will be introduced in March 2018.

Play Trail on hold

The Planning Inspectorate has told Surrey County Council that a Public Enquiry into the multi-user play trail will be needed.

SCC have decided not to continue with the proposal at the moment due to the cost of setting up an enquiry, but they want to revisit the play trail plans at a later date.

SCC Countryside Estate webpage

Surrey County Council has updated its Countryside Estate page to include brief details of the estate and links to the business plan and Q and A.

Countryside Estate Business Plan

SCC has updated its Newlands Corner webpage. There are few changes except for the mention of the SCC/SWT Countryside Estate Business Plan. At the time of writing, the plan and associated Q&A are NOT in the download list contrary to what is stated on the page.

The documents can be downloaded here:
Business Plan Questions & Answers

There is little concrete detail in the plan but some worrying statements, eg "A Business Case is to be made to evaluate the introduction of vehicle charging at the most used car parks on the Estate." and "SWT aims to create a ‘nature-based’ holiday destination with a combined camping and glamping site."

Car parking charges delayed

According to the SCC website, the council now "anticipate that charging for car parking will start later in 2017". Previously they had expected to introduce charges by the end of May 2017.

SCC apply for permission to erect play structures

Surrey County Council has applied to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for permission to construct 6 rope and timber play structures with safety fencing on common land at Newlands Corner. In addition, 8 brass rubbing posts will be installed and 900m of path resurfaced.  The planning notice can be found here. Any comments or objections must be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (the address is in the notice) on or before 7 July 2017. 
The plans and other relevant documents have not appeared on the SCC website but can be found on the Save Newlands Corner site.

40mph speed limit in force

A 40mph speed limit is now in effect along 2.5 miles of Shere Road, A25, past the Newlands Corner site.

The Surrey County Council website still says that car park charges are anticipated to start in May 2017. At the time of writing there is no sign of the installation of parking meters or accompanying signs.

April 2017 update

There is no sign yet of works for the installation of parking meters and signs, ahead of the introduction of charges next month. New benches, however, have appeared on the slopes (see the gallery).
A speed limit order notice has been posted on site. The new 40MPH limit will not be confined to the immediate Newlands Corner area, but will run from the the end of the existing 40MPH limit 800m south of the A25/A246 junction, past Newlands Corner and down the hill to just east of the A25/A248 junction.

Parking charges expected from May 2017

SCC has updated its Newlands Corner web page following the Planning Inspectorate decision. The council anticipates that parking charges will be introduced in May 2017 as follows:
- A 20 minute period with no charge
- £1 per hour to a maximum of £4 for 4 hours or more
- An annual season ticket for regular visitors costing £40
- No charge for Blue Badge holders when parking in the marked disabled bays

Planning Inspectorate approves parking meters

The Planning Inspectorate have granted commons land consent for the installation of three parking meters and eight parking signs at Newlands Corner, despite 1,400 0bjections. For more details see the Get Surrey article.

Sunday, February 18, 2018